July 27, 2021

38 : Start Again Meditation

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In life it's easy to get pulled off course despite the best intentions.

I find that meditation and the cultivation of mindfulness offers a moment by moment experience of this fact of life. Despite our best intentions to focus our awareness on our breath, our attention wanders away into distraction, story, planning, etc. It can be minutes before we even notice we've been pulled away.

But the beautiful thing about the practice is that once we notice our mind has wandered, we are already aware again and we can CHOOSE to bring our attention back to the breath and start again. Over and over, our mind will wander and we can choose to start again.

This guided meditation offers you and opportunity to start again. Whether you've been meditating every single day or if you've been off it for a while and struggling to make it a daily habit (as I sometimes do), this practice is your chance to start again.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Adam Coelho: I invite you to begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time, sitting with a tall, straight back, but not rigid and resting your hands, wherever is comfortable. And if you'd like closing your eyes or casing down  with a soft unfocused case.  And let's begin this practice with three deep breaths in,  and now  just allowing yourself to drop into this moment

 [00:01:00]as you let go of everything that has come before  and anything that is yet to come

 And as we begin this practice. Just checking in with yourself, noticing how you're arriving here in this moment. Meeting whatever you find with openness, kindness, and curiosity,

 [00:02:00]noticing what it's like in your body  and noticing what it's like in your mind right here.  Right?

 However you find your mind or your body,  whether it be pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral,  just meeting it.  In awareness  as it is

 right now in my body. And my mind  it's like this

  [00:03:00]and  whenever you're ready. In your own time and in your own way, find your way to the breath sensations or wherever you notice them most in your body. Right now, this will be our home base

 and just setting the intention [00:04:00] to arrest in  awareness of this spot.

 And right now, all there is to do  is to observe this in breath in awareness

 and this out-breath and awareness  resting in the simplicity of the breath  moment. By moment by moment.

 And breath by breath by breath.

 [00:06:00] [00:05:00]And each time you notice that your mind is drifted off into distraction or some thought world, or Storyworld no problem.  Just meeting whatever you find with that same kind, curious and open attitude,

 recognizing that awareness is vast enough to include , all aspects of experience, even thinking  and just  choosing to come back to the breath and to start again,  each in breath is a new beginning.  Each [00:07:00] out-breath is a chance to let go.  And so over and over again, we're returning to the breath.

And starting fresh,

 starting fresh with justice and breath.

 And just this how prep.

 [00:10:00] [00:09:00] [00:08:00]Again,  If you notice that your mind has drifted off as mine has no problem.  [00:11:00]Just choosing to come back to the breath and to start again.

 [00:14:00] [00:13:00] [00:12:00]And again, just checking in, noticing where your attention is in this moment.  And recognizing that if it has [00:15:00] wandered away,  it's not a problem.

It's simply an opportunity. To choose to come back to the breath and to begin again,

 each time we do this, we train our attention and our ability to recognize when we've been carried off course, whether it be away from the breath or in our lives more broadly.  Away from some path that supports us, perhaps the practice of meditation in general, as I've been finding.  But the beautiful thing is that whenever we notice we're already back  [00:16:00] and we can simply choose to start again.

 Doesn't matter how long we've been off path.  We always have the ability  to start again.

 [00:18:00] [00:17:00]And in the remaining moments of our practice today, I invite you to bring, to mind some aspect of your life that you're extremely grateful for. It may be a person or a circumstance  or something that happened recently.  Just notice what comes to mind and rest in awareness of the feeling of [00:19:00] gratitude in your body, imagining it infusing every cell of your body.

 [00:20:00]And let us finish this practice with three deep breaths together, breathing in

and out. Again,

once more,

 when you're ready, opening your eyes  and taking one final mindful breath with your eyes.

 [00:21:00]as a reminder that this  ability to start again is available anywhere, anytime, and it just takes one breath.

 thank you for practicing with me. 

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Adam Coelho

Host of The Mindful FIRE Podcast

Adam Coelho is the founder and host of The Mindfulness FIRE Podcast. He's also a father and husband and has been at Google for the last 10 years. He has been facilitating mindfulness and emotional intelligence courses at Google including the popular Search Inside Yourself (siyli.org) course. Adam is a commitment to creating opportunity through connection. He does this by connecting with others and by bringing people together. I'm excited to have you join me in this exploration by joining my email list. No spam I promise.