Oct. 19, 2021

49 : Meditation : You Deserve a Break!

Hey you! Yeah you! When was the last time you took a break for yourself? ⁠

NOW is the time! You deserve it and, let's be honest, you probably really NEED it. ⁠

I'm excited to remaster and reshare one of my favorite and most popular early meditations. In this 15 minute guided meditation practice, I invite you to take a well deserved break. ⁠

When I first released this in Dec 2020 the pandemic was raging around the world and we still knew relatively little about it. Now we're almost another year into this pandemic and it hasn't gone away but some how our lives feel really full again.

So take this invitation and and take a much needed break for yourself, whether with this mediation or your self care practice of choice. ⁠

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