Great interviews on meaningful topics

Loved the interview with Lori Shwanbeck!

Wonderful & inspiring!

Thank you Adam for putting this great content, stories & important lessons into the world!

Great podcast with a star guest.

This episode shows the power of desire. Stephanie at 22 years of age has a mindset of champion. How many of us have avoided risks and let go of opportunities because we were afraid? As a fellow immigrant I congratulate her on keeping the desire that previous generations have used to make this country great. Resilience and perseverance make you hard to defeat. Thank you Adam to bring such interesting guests to light in your podcast. G_d speed.

Helpful during the pandemic!

So glad I discovered this podcast during the pandemic. I’ve been very stressed and it has reminded me to slow down, be more intentional and mindful. Keep up the great content!

A new must listen show!

Adam is an excellent host who touches on great topics. I'm looking forward to see where this show goes in the future!

The perspective I needed

I feel like this podcast and the messages and guests in each episode are coming at the perfect inflection point for me given everything 2020 has thrown our way. People following different paths but all doing so with intentionality and awareness that brings them true satisfaction.

Today is the present. Accept it and enjoy it the best you can.

This episode brought to attention the fact that we shortchange ourselves by trying to hard to control and prepare the future. As recent events have shown us, the future is anything but certain.

Mindfulness and Encouragement

This podcast really helped me with not focusing so much on my financial fears and instead embracing where I am at. To not compare myself to others and to evaluate my situation as my own and take it one day at a time. Adam leads a great interview and I'm looking forward to taking his lessons forward for the rest of 2020.

Such a mind-opening podcast

So happy to have found this podcast, I have been feeling overly anxious and stressing out ever since this pandemic has hit, worrying about health and finances and losing my job. But these podcasts have helped me slow down, take a deep breath, and remember that money isn’t the almighty power in life and to relax a little and be thankful for the things we take for granted. I really recommend to anyone who needs a refresher and restart of how you are viewing difficult things in your life, it really has been so helpful.

Really Inspiring

I am so motivated by this podcast to pursue my dreams and living intentionally on my path to financial independence. I’m also excited to develop a meditation practice to increase the level of awareness in my life.


Saw this podcast and found it very interesting and very informative. Which I had seen something like this when I was younger. Thanks for sharing.