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I stumbled upon Adam’s podcast through a LinkedIn connection. I did not know exactly what the Mindful FIRE podcast was about, but I did know that I liked meditation so I got quiet and listened. This podcast has helped transform my relationship with money. Most importantly, it made the topic of investing approachable.

Adam’s podcast offers a unique value proposition: a window into how you can live by your values today, while working towards financial independence. He has guests with incredible stories that shed light on how they use mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help them follow through with career changes. Guests reflecting on their career paths and how their emotions inhibited or propelled their career trajectories in a certain direction. Other guests who navigated going on career sabbaticals and the self-discovery that ensued as a result of that experience. All in all, Adam’s podcasts provides his listener with an idea of what it looks like taking the road less travelled in a capitalist society. He provides his listeners with examples of how they can make similar career decisions aligned with their values, and normalizes certain emotions you may go through when making those decisions in pursuit of living the life you want today.

Feb. 20, 2023 by susan_abdels on Apple Podcasts

The Mindful FIRE Podcast