Dec. 21, 2021

57 : Meditation : Release Worry with Body Awareness & Self Compassion

Welcome to the Mindful FIRE Podcast, where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond.

The holidays are a time of joy but they can also bring about stress and worry. This is especially true with the recent surge in covid cases due to the new Omicron variant. I hope you are staying healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Today's practice is an invitation to take a moment for yourself to release this stress and worry by resting in a simple awareness of your body sitting and breathing. I find that there is something really grounding and easeful about resting in the simplicity of feeling my body breathe in and out.

We finish today's practice with a simple loving kindness compassion practice in which we practice sending well wishes to ourselves, a loved one and all beings everywhere. This practice of sending and receiving compassion connects us with our inherent goodness and just feels nice.

I wish you and your family, health, safety and happiness during this holiday season and into the new year!

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Meditation - FINAL



Adam Coelho: Welcome to the mindful fire podcast where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond I'm your host, Adam quail. And I'm so glad you're here. Let's dive into today's guided meditation. . 

Let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be alert and relaxed. 

Sitting with a tall, straight back, but not rigid. 

And resting your hands, wherever it's comfortable. 

Let's drop into this moment with three deep breaths in and out. [00:01:00]

And. After your third exhale. I invite you to bring, to mind your motivation. For being here today. For carving out the time. To practice. Self care. 

Practice training your mind. Just noticing what arises. 

Perhaps to create more focus. Calm your mind. 

To connect with yourself. Whatever it is for you just allowing it to arise. And noticing it with a kind. Curious attitude.[00:02:00]

 And letting go of that intention, letting it fade into the background of your practice. 

I invite you to bring awareness. To your body. Noticing how you're arriving here. Right now. 

Noticing what it's like in your body. And in your mind as well. As you arrive in this moment. [00:03:00]

Letting go of everything that has come before. 

Earlier today this week, this year. 

And letting go also of everything that is yet to come. 

Anything in the future. 

Later today or later this month or a year. 

And choosing to be right here right now. 

And meeting yourself. In this moment. As it is. Right now. 

Feeling the whole body sitting and breathing. [00:04:00]

Noticing any areas of. 

dis-ease In the body. Any areas of tension tightness. 


Anxiety. Whatever it might be. Just bringing a kind curious, loving awareness to. Those parts of you. 

Meeting them as they are. [00:05:00]

And with each exhale. Notice or imagine yourself relaxing. That part of you. A little bit more. 

Imagining with each inhale. You bring a kind awareness to it. And with each exhale. You relax and let go. 

A little bit more each time. [00:06:00]

Anytime you notice yourself getting caught up in a thought or story. 

 Going into the past or the future. 

Just remind yourself of that intention to be here now. 

And to rest. And relax. [00:07:00]

In this in breath. And this out-breath. 

Each one completely new. Completely fresh. 

Each in breath and new beginning. 

And each outbreath a chance to let go. 

Let go of our worries. 

And to rest in the simplicity. And peace. Of this in breath. And this opera. 

Moment by moment by moment. 

And breath by breath by breath. 

 So [00:08:00] just resting in awareness of the whole body sitting and breathing. 


And, out, 

Aware of the full field of sensation in the body. Welcoming everything. 

Meeting with kind awareness. 

And as you exhale. Allowing it to soften and relax. Even if only imagining it. [00:09:00] [00:10:00]

And again, if you find yourself caught up in some story, 

And distraction. No problem. Just meeting it with that same kind curious awareness. And then just drop back into the body. 

Drop back into the sensations of breathing in the body. Exactly as you find them. 

Right here right now. 

Lending, whatever you feel. Be enough.[00:11:00] [00:12:00]

And well, Maintaining an awareness of the body. I invite you to join me in. 

A [00:13:00] short compassion practice. And so if you'd like, Placing a hand on your heart. One on your belly. 

 And just repeating silently in your mind. Some well-wishes. 

First for yourself. 

May I be happy. And at ease. 

And as you say, these phrases feeling what it feels like in your body to receive them or to generate these wishes. For yourself and others. 

May I be happy and at ease. 

 May I be healthy and [00:14:00] safe. 

May I. Recognize my strength and my resilience. 

 May I feel loved and supported. 

Take a deep breath in. 

And letting it go. 

 And now bringing to mind someone who you love dearly. 

Uh, family member, [00:15:00] close friend. 

And imagining them in your mind. Let us repeat these phrases for them. Imagining us sending them out and then receiving them. 

May they be happy and at ease. 

May they be healthy and safe. 

May they recognize their strength and their resilience. 

May they feel loved and supported. [00:16:00]

Taking a deep breath in. 


 And feeling what it feels like in your body now. 

And let us extend these wishes to all beings everywhere. 

I agree. Living being on the planet. 

Repeating sign only may all beings be happy and at ease. 

May all beings. Be healthy and [00:17:00] safe. 

May all beings recognize their strength and their resilience. 

May all beings, field loved and supported. 

Deep breath in. 

And letting it go. 

 And now resting once again. At the breath. [00:18:00]

Feeling the whole body sitting and breathing. And with the curious awareness, just noticing what it's like in your body now. 

Noticing if it's. Changed or shifted in any way. 

But meeting it exactly as it is. In this new moment. 

 And let us [00:19:00] finish with three deep breaths together. To seal in our practice. 

Taking all the good. But this is brought to us, however, big or small that might be. Breathing in. 

Breathing out. 

Breathing in. 

And out. 

And once more. 

And out. 

 When you're ready, opening your eyes. 

Thank you for your attention. 

Hopefully that was helpful for you. I welcome any and all feedback.


Adam Coelho: Thank you so much for joining me for today's guided meditation practice. As a reminder, each week, as part of the mindful fire podcast, I either [00:20:00] release a guided meditation or an inspiring interview focusing on mindfulness and financial independence. If you get value from these meditations and episodes, I invite you to please share this with your friends.

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