Dec. 7, 2021

55 : Guided Affirmation Practice with Adam Coelho

Today's guided meditation is an affirmations practice. You can think of it as practicing the beliefs or mindsets you'd like to carry forward in your day to day life. It's an incredibly powerful practice that puts the predictive power of your brain to work for you to create the future you want. 

This session begins with a simple mindfulness of breath practice, simply resting in awareness of the sensations of breathing in the body.

After settling the mind on the breath, I invite you to bring to mind a belief or way of being you’d like to embody as you show up in your life. You can choose a belief about your self or about the world that would be useful to embody more in your life. For instance, I practice "the world is abundant with opportunity" and "I am guided by curiosity".  Those are beliefs that I want to embody as I move through my life. 

Then I guide you as you practice seeing how that belief was in the past, how it's true now in the present and how it will be true in the future. You’ll practice seeing how you’ve lived that belief in the past, how you’re living it in the present and how you will live it in the future in as much detail as possible. 

This is an incredibly powerful practice and one that I do most days. This practice had a profound impact on me during one of the most difficult times in my life. The more we practice seeing ourself living each belief in the past, present and future, the more evidence we give our brain that this is in fact true. Because it is! Do this for a while and magic will happen! 

I hope you enjoy this practice and would love to hear what you think! Please share your feedback with me in the comments below.

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