Oct. 5, 2021

47 : Loving Awareness of the Body Meditation

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Are you listening to what you body is telling you?

In this guided meditation we practice bringing a kind curious, loving awareness to our body.

We begin by checking in with ourselves to see how we are arriving.

Then we practice a guided body scan, bringing loving awareness to feeling each part of the body.

Finally we finish by bringing loving kindness (compassion) to our body, which makes our entire existence possible.

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[00:00:00] Adam Coelho: 

[00:00:22] Let's begin by finding a position that allows us to be alert and relaxed at the same time, sitting comfortably with a tall, straight back, and you can rest your hands wherever. You can gently close your eyes or gaze down with a soft unfocused case. And let's pick in with three deep breaths in and out.

[00:01:25] And as we begin this practice, I invite you to just take a moment now. To check in. Noticing how you're arriving here in this space, arriving into this small man

[00:01:46] and to your body as it is right now.

[00:01:58] Quite often our bodies can be in one place, but our minds can be somewhere else entirely. And so just checking in with your body and your mind right here right now and seeing if it's truly here.

[00:02:21] Meeting, whatever you find with an attitude of openness, curiosity and kindness.

[00:02:40] Right now in my body, it's like that.

[00:02:49] Right now in my mind, it's like this.

[00:03:27] I invite you to bring your awareness to your whole body sitting and breathing,

[00:03:36] just resting and an awareness of the whole body.

[00:03:43] Noticing any sensations as you breathe in.

[00:03:51] And as you breathe out, Just resting in a loving kind awareness

[00:04:01] of the whole body sitting and breathing moment by moment by moment and breath by breath, by breath,

[00:04:15] aware of any sensations that arise in the body.

[00:04:22] Any warmth or coolness on the skin or inside the body, tingling, itching, prickling, vibration, anywhere in the body and just meeting whatever you find that curiosity. And then stepping back into an awareness of the whole body sitting.

[00:05:51] Aware of the body as I breathe in

[00:05:59] and aware of the body, as I breathe out, noticing whatever's there to be noticed, listening intently to whatever the body is trying to tell you moment by moment. And breath by breath, by breath,

[00:06:27] trust, listening, aware, and curious to whatever arrived.

[00:08:10] and let us now sharpen the spotlight of our attention and practice a little body. And so direct your attention now to your feet,

[00:08:29] noticing whatever is there to be noticed in your feet, top bottom sides, front and back of the fi

[00:08:45] and noticing any vibration. Warmth or coolness

[00:08:56] pressure,

[00:09:00] just open kind and curious to whatever's there to be noticed,

[00:09:12] moving up into the ankle.

[00:09:19] what does it feel like in your ankles right now?

[00:09:34] moving up into the lower leg calves, shin.

[00:09:49] some areas will have very obvious sensation and others will have minimal or even no sensation meeting, whatever you find just as it is with a con. Loving awareness,

[00:10:14] moving up into the knee,

[00:10:19] the front back sides of the knee

[00:10:34] and sending up into the.

[00:10:39] Feeling their hamstrings quads.

[00:11:01] I'm moving up now into your seat.

[00:11:05] Feeling your body making contact with the chair or the cushion

[00:11:12] noticing any sensations in your pelvic area.

[00:11:26] again, just curious, noticing anything and everything that is there to be noted.

[00:11:35] And importantly, letting whatever you feel, be enough,

[00:11:47] moving up now into the lower torso, feeling your belly,

[00:12:00] the Orkins inside.

[00:12:05] All working around the clock,

[00:12:10] keeping you healthy and alive.

[00:12:21] Moving up into the chest.

[00:12:32] feeling the subtle movement as the breath comes in and goes out

[00:12:39] and perhaps even bring a curiosity. Can I feel my heartbeat?

[00:12:53] and if not, that's okay too.

[00:13:05] now bringing your attention to your lower back then in your own pace, trying to scan. From your lower back to your middle, to your upper back,

[00:13:37] Feeling your shoulder blade.

[00:13:43] And finally up into your shoulders,

[00:13:51] noticing if there's any tension or tightness. We carry a lot in our shoulder.

[00:14:07] Meeting, whatever you find with that same loving awareness right now in my shoulders. It's like this

[00:14:25] and moving your awareness now down into your. Upper arms, biceps, triceps

[00:14:42] to the elbow

[00:14:48] and now to the lower arm and wrist.

[00:14:58] Finally into the hands.

[00:15:00] What does it feel like in your hands, in this moment?

[00:15:22] moving back up your arms.

[00:15:29] And up into, through the shoulders, into the neck, feeling the back side front of the neck and throat,

[00:15:44] again, noticing if there's any tension or tightness. I mean, ease that's the.

[00:15:56] Just again, meeting whatever you find as it is right now.

[00:16:21] and moving now to the face. Starting with the jaw.

[00:16:29] What is it like and your jaw right now?

[00:16:40] I said Thai or relaxed.

[00:16:42] I'm feeling your mouth, feeling your lips or tongue your mouth dry. Is it moist

[00:17:09] Feeling your teeth and gums?

[00:17:26] Now feeling the front of your face, your cheeks, The area above your upper lip,

[00:17:38] feeling your nose, perhaps resting for a moment, feeling the air coming in and going out of your nose, seeing what that feels like.

[00:18:16] And your eye lids, your eyebrows and your eyeballs as well.

[00:18:30] and feeling your forehead, noticing if it's relaxed or tense.

[00:18:45] I'm 

[00:18:45] finally 

[00:18:46] Adam Coelho: feeling your head top back and sides of your head and hair.

[00:19:10] And expanding out once again and feeling the whole body for another few moments

[00:19:20] resting once again, and the awareness of the whole body sitting and breathing.

[00:19:31] seeing if there's any areas calling for your attention.

[00:19:52] and let's take just one moment to send some compassion to this body. It does so much for us. If you'd like putting a hand on your heart, one on your back. I'm repeating silently, may this body be happy and at ease,

[00:20:19] Hey, this body be healthy and safe.

[00:20:30] May this body recognize its strength and resilience

[00:20:42] and may this body feel loved and appreciated.

[00:20:54] I'm not as finished with three deep breaths together. Breathing in

[00:21:05] breathing in

[00:21:11] once more breathing in

[00:21:19] and letting it go.

[00:21:20] When you're ready, opening your eyes and coming back. Thank you very much for your time.

[00:21:34] Thank you so much for joining me for today's guided meditation practice. As a reminder, each week, as part of the mindful fire podcast, I release a guided meditation or an inspiring interview focusing on mindfulness and financial independence. If you get value from these meditations and episodes, I invite you to please share this with your friends.

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