Aug. 24, 2021

42 : Meditation - Grounding In The Now

"Imagine that your body and even your mind  are rooted, grounded, planted here in this spot while the crazy world just keeps on spinning." - Adam Coelho

This quote captures what this grounding meditation practice is all about.

A lot of the time, especially theses days, it feels like we're caught in a strong storm. It feels like we're being blown in many different directions and it's hard to maintain our balance and stability.

Mindfulness helps us to regain our stability by grounding in the timeless moment of now. This practice invites you to let go of everything happening outside, in the world, in the past, in the future and to just ground in this moment, right now. To imagine that you're like a tree with deep roots, grounded in this moment, no matter which way the winds of the storm blow.

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[00:00:00] Adam Coelho: 

[00:00:22] So let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time.

[00:00:31] You can close your eyes and rest your hands, wherever it's comfortable for you. And let's just drop into this moment with three deep breaths in and out.

[00:00:47] and to further ground yourself in this moment, I invite you to feel your feet. Your legs are your seat on the floor and just bring a curious awareness to that connection point between your body and the earth.

[00:01:42] just feel the strength stability and connection.

[00:01:46] and imagine that your body and your mind even are rooted grounded, planted here in this spot. While the crazy world just keeps on spinning. And for now I invite you to give yourself the gift of setting aside, everything that has come before and everything that is yet to come and just allowing yourself to be planted grounded, anchored here.

[00:02:42] In this moment in this same breath,

[00:02:50] breath,

[00:02:51] and from this place of stability and groundedness, I invite you to find the breath. Noticing where the breath sensations are most vivid for you right now.

[00:03:13] And just resting your awareness there.

[00:03:22] I'm serving as you breathe in

[00:03:27] and as you breathe out,

[00:03:32] Right now, there's nothing that you need to do, nowhere that you need to be

[00:03:45] just resting here and now, and the simplicity and peace of just this in breath,

[00:03:54] breath. Moment by Moment by moment and breath by breath.

[00:04:05] And whenever you notice that your attention has been pulled away into thought emotion story, or just distraction. No problem. Just noticing with that kind curious, open attitude. What's on your mind. The space of awareness is. Able to contain all things, all aspects of our experience.

[00:07:05] And so just meeting whatever's arisen, and then remembering that you are anchored grounded in this moment and that you can choose to come back over and over again to the breath and that you can start fresh. With each in breath and you can let go a little bit more into this moment with each out breath.

[00:07:38] And again, if you notice that you've been carried off, no problem.Just meet whatever is in this moment and gently bring your attention back to the breath and begin again,

[00:11:30] relaxing back into this moment to the peace of this moment.

[00:11:44] And just beginning again, breathing in. I'm aware that I'm breathing in,

[00:11:54] breathing out. I'm aware that I'm breathing out. Yeah.

[00:12:03] and in these last few moments of our practice together, I invite you to bring to mind someone or something that you are incredibly grateful for noticing what arises in your mind.

[00:17:02] and I invite you to feel gratitude and really feel it, noticing what it's like in your body. And just sitting in that feeling of gratitude almost as if you're marinating in it for a few moments.

[00:17:29] Perhaps even imagining that it is amplifying and multiplying as you breathe in and out,

[00:17:39] what does it feel like to feel gratitude?

[00:18:20] Noticing all of the sensations, any temperature, tingling, or any sensations at all in the body just resting in awareness and curiosity of this feeling of gratitude.

[00:18:40] And now let us finish this practice with three deep breaths.

[00:19:19] Yeah,

[00:19:38] the opening your eyes stretching in any way. It feels good.

[00:19:46] Thank you very much for your attention. I welcome. Any thoughts or feedback?

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