Aug. 10, 2021

40 : Meditation : Dropping Into This Moment

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Welcome to The Mindful FIRE Podcast, where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond. I'm your host Adam Coelho and I'm so glad you're here.

Often our busy minds feel like the choppy waves of the ocean during a storm. But even during a storm, if you drop below the surface just 10-15 feet, the water is calmer and quieter. 

I like to think of meditation as a practice of dropping in, dropping below the busy and tumultuous waves of my mind, into the calmer, quieter peace of this moment.

That's what this practice is all about. I share simple guidance to help you drop into this moment, so you can enjoy the simplicity, peace and ease that exists below the surface.

We finish up with some gratitude and drop into the feeling of gratitude in our bodies.

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 [00:00:00]Adam Coelho:  

Let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time,

 sitting with a tall, straight back, but not rigid and resting your hands, wherever it's coming from. You can close your eyes or Ks down a few feet in front of you. And let's just begin with three deep breaths allowing ourselves to drop in to this moment.

 [00:01:00]And as we drop into this moment, I invite you to check in with yourself. To scan in your body from your feet up to the top of your head. And just being really curious as to what it's like in your body, in this moment,

letting go of everything that has come before and anything that is yet to come and just dropping into what it's like. [00:02:00] Right here in your body in this very moment,

 meeting whatever you find with kindness and curiosity and letting whatever you feel. Be enough.

 right now in my body. It's like this it's like this.

 And checking in also with your [00:03:00] mind noticing if it feels busy or calm, tense or relaxed, again, just noticing

with the same curiosity and kindness.

 Right now in my mind, it's like this.

 [00:04:00]And whenever you're ready in your own time, and in your own way, I invite you to come to the breath sensations in your body,

noticing where you feel the most in this moment,

and just dropping into that place in your body

and simply observed.

 perhaps imagining ad you're dropping in below the surface,

[00:05:00] imagining the ocean with the waves on top. It's our normal mind and body states. But imagine you're dropping about 10 or 15 feet below the surface. Where you can still know those undulations are happening, but things are more calm, more peaceful, more calm,

 and just riding on the sensations of the breath coming in. Yeah.

 I ain't going out.

 [00:07:00] [00:06:00]And whenever you notice that you've been caught up in thought or story or distraction as if you floated back up to the choppy surface of the ocean. No problem just include whatever's happening in awareness.

Noticing what that same kind curious and open awareness we brought to our body and [00:08:00] mind at the beginning,

meeting, whatever you find trust as it is. And then choosing to drop back in below the surface and starting again at the breadth. Observing just this and breath and justice opera moment by moment by moment and breath by breath by breath.

Each time you get caught up in the choppiness, just drop back in and start again.

 [00:12:00] [00:11:00] [00:10:00] [00:09:00]And again, if your mind gets caught up in some story or thought world about the past, Or the future? No problem. As soon as you notice, you've already dropped back into the now trust again, notice what's on your mind and [00:13:00] drop back in to this breath in this moment right now, over and over again, coming back to the.

And starting again, each in breath is a new beginning. Each out breath has a chance to drop a little bit more into the peace and ease of just this moment.

 [00:17:00] [00:16:00] [00:15:00] [00:14:00]And then these last remaining moments of our practice together today, I invite you to. Bring to mind something or someone who you are incredibly grateful for.

 Notice what arises in your mind

 see if you can drop into the feeling of gratitude,  [00:18:00]noticing what it feels like to be crazy. Noticing where you feel it in your body.

 and imagine yourself just floating there and that feeling of gratitude  as you sit and breathe.

 [00:19:00]Let us finish this practice with three deep breaths together. Breathing in.

I can

once more.

 And when you're ready, opening your eyes and with your eyes open taking one final mindful breath

as a [00:20:00] reminder that this is available to you anywhere, anytime. And it just takes one breath. One moment.Outro

Thank you so much for joining me for today's guided meditation practice. As a reminder, each week, as part of the mindful fire podcast, I release a guided meditation or an inspiring interview focusing on mindfulness and financial independence. If you get value from these meditations and episodes, I invite you to please share this with your friends.

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