April 6, 2021

23 : Meditation : Pandemic Burnout

Welcome to the Mindful FIRE Podcast, where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond. 

Join me for this guided meditation, designed to support you if you’re feeling burned out by the pandemic.  

In many conversations I’m having at work and with friends outside of work, I’m finding that many people are feeling burned out. 

And you know what, I’m feeling it too. After a year of working full-time from home and parenting full-time as well, and of course dealing with the background environment of the pandemic. It’s a lot. 

I put together this short practice to allow you to set aside everything going on and to just create space for yourself to sit and rest in the simplicity this moment. 

I hope you find this supportive. Let me know what you think! 


Adam Coelho: [00:00:22] Let's  begin with three deep breaths together.

And as we begin this practice. I invite you to just check in with your body,

noticing any sensations.

Bringing an attitude of openness, curiosity, and kindness towards yourself and whatever you find in your experience.

Noticing in your body areas of tension or tightness, anything that you're carrying as you begin this practice.

And again, meeting whatever you find with kindness and curiosity.

Right now it's like this.

Expanding your awareness to include your mind.

Noticing what it's like in your mind, perhaps full of thoughts to dues,

very busy or perhaps relaxed, just again, meeting what is with kindness and curiosity.

Right now in my mind, it's like this.

And now I invite you to.

Take whatever you're bringing into this,

be pleasant or unpleasant, and just set the intention to just set it over to the side. If only for this few minutes of peace.

Certainly it'll be there when you get back. But for now, let us just set whatever we're carrying down to the sign and feel a little bit lighter, a little bit freer, a little bit more ease, ful and peaceful. If only for right now.

And I recognize this is not easy to do. And so again, bringing that kind curious attitude until whatever degree you can setting that to the side.

And now just simply resting in awareness of the breath. All there is to do right now is to observe this in breath,

breath. As it is resting and awareness of the breath.

And whenever you notice that your mind has been pulled away into thought or distraction, no problem. The mine's just doing what it does.

And so just noticing what that kind and curious attitude and what's on your mind, and then setting that aside and returning to 


Adam Coelho: [00:07:12] breath. Each in breath is a new beginning.

Each out-breath is a chance to let go

into the peace he's of this moment and returning to justice in breath.

And justice out-breath

moment by moment by moment and breath by breath by breath.

You find yourself being pulled away as I have. Not making it into a problem, but rather just meeting it and then gently choosing to come back to the breath and beginning again with this in breath or this out-breath

just letting what is P enough.

And now I invite you to join me. In a simple self-compassion practice. If you'd like resting a hand on your chest and one on your belly, if it's comfortable for you

and just repeating silently to yourself, may I be happy? And at ease?

May I be healthy and safe.

May I recognize that I have a lot on my plate?

And may I recognize that I'm doing the best I can

mean. I recognize my strength and my resilience.

Yeah, I feel loved and supported

whenever you wish for yourself to arise and repeating it in your mind.

And let us repeat that once more, repeating silently, may I be happy and at ease?

May I be healthy and safe.

May I recognize that I have a lot on my plate?

And may I recognize that I'm doing the best that I can.

Me. I recognize my strength in my resilience.

May I feel loved and supported

again, allowing your wish for yourself to arise in your mind.

And let us finish this practice with three deep breaths together. Breathing in


And once more,

And as we finish this practice, just checking in again with yourself, with your body and your mind,

and again, meeting yourself where you are and letting whatever you feel, however you feel. P enough and allowing it to be just as it is

whenever you're ready, opening your eyes. Thank you for your attention and for practicing with me. I welcome any feedback.

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Adam Coelho

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