Oct. 24, 2022

Spark - Jonathan Reynolds - Vision & "Networking Without Asking"

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What in heck is “networking without asking”?

Jonathan Reynolds has had 6000 calls in the last 15 years. 

On today’s “SPARK” episode, he shares his approach to networking without ever asking for anything. Link in comments.

Here’s what Jonathan said👇

Jonathan’s approach:

Vision is where it starts and then everything flows from there.

Ultimately we wanna get to executing on managing this vision and manifesting it.

A lot of that is around networking and relationship building. Talking to people.

Many people don't like networking because they feel like they're always asking for something.

So I actually do something I call networking without asking.

You never have to ask for anything.

You should just be sharing your vision and what you care about.

When there's alignment, the conversation continues on

When there's not alignment, you cordially thank each other and then move on.

I see relationships as the whole driver of all of this.

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