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Welcome to our 3-part series with Julia Li

In this 3-part series, we follow Julia's journey over the last year as she made a huge life and career pivot from a career at Google to a career in the field of sustainability. 

We get to hear how her mindset and thinking has evolved from several months before leaving Google after 6 years, embarking on 3 months of rest and reflection and finally as she made the career pivot ultimately landing her dream job at a company working to solve the food waste problem.

There is a ton of practical wisdom to be gleaned from each of these conversations and I'm so excited to share them with you. 

Part 1 : Before Leaving Google to Take 3 Months Off & Pivot Into Sustainability 



What you'll hear in Part 1, is the conversation Julia and I had before she left Google. She shares how she came to the decision, what preparations she made financially and otherwise, and what she hopes for from the three months she'll be taking off of work before she starts pursuing a job in the sustainability space. Full Show Notes

Part 2 : Reflections on Julia's 3 Month Sabbatical, Rest and How She Clarified Her Vision 



In Part 2 of our series with Julia, she and I connect 6 months after she left Google. She reflects on her 3 month sabbatical and the lessons she learned about rest. She also shares practical advice about how she used this time to clarify her vision for this next chapter of her life. Full Show Notes

Part 3 : Julia's Mindset and Approach To Landing Her Dream Job in Sustainability and How Her Relationship With Money Completely Changed



In Part 3 of our series with Julia, we dive into the final chapter of her pivot out of Google and into the field of sustainability after taking three months off to rest and reflect. 

In this conversation, Julia shares her mindset and practical approach to identifying which area of sustainability she wanted to work in. She then shares how she went about identifying potential companies and ultimately connected with those companies to begin the interview process. 

Finally Julia shares with me how her entire relationship with money has changed over the last year since we recorded our first conversation together, in which I recommended she read a book called The Simple Path To Wealth. Full Show Notes

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I hope you've enjoyed this series with Julia as much as I have and I would love to hear what it's inspired you to do in your own life. 

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