Nov. 30, 2021

54 : Leaving Google For a Career In Sustainability and a 3 Month Break (Before) with Julia Li

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Last year around this time, my good friend, Julia Li told me she was getting ready to leave Google after six years and switch careers into the field of sustainability.   

What you'll hear in today's episode is the conversation Julia and I had before she left Google; how she came to the decision, what preparations she made financially and otherwise, and what she hopes for from the three months she'll be taking off of work before she starts pursuing a job in the sustainability space.

I originally released this episode earlier this year and it was by far one of the most popular episodes. I wanted to repost it so people could have the context of what it was like before Julia transitioned out of Google and embarked on this three months of reflection.

This past summer, Julia and I caught up six months after she left Google. And just before she was getting ready to start her new job in the field of sustainability. 

It was really interesting to hear how Julia approached her time off and how she ultimately found what she wanted to do in this huge field of sustainability. And then how she went about actually getting a job in the space.

The conversation was so interesting, it lasted for more than two and a half hours. So I'll be breaking it up into two episodes that I'll be releasing starting in two weeks.

I'm really excited to share this series with you at the end of the year, because the end of the year is really a period of reflection and deep thinking about our lives and the changes we might want to make to move more into alignment with what's most important to us.

So much is in flux right now with the pandemic and with the great resignation.

More and more people are looking closely at what is most important to them, what truly matters to them, and questioning how they want to spend their limited time and energy.

So I thought it would be helpful and inspiring to share Julia's journey of doing just that. To see how she approached making big changes in her life that were honestly really scary but help her move more into meaning, purpose and alignment with her values.

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