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Susie Ade

Global Program Manager, Mental Health and Well-being at Google

Susie joined Google 8.5 years ago and has had a career across sales, marketing, Trust and Safety, and Learning and Development departments. Today she's a Global program manager driving mental health and well-being programs for Google's Data Centers. Her circuitous career path helped her uncover her mission to help others discover their own inner resilience and life purpose. She's currently working toward becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and coaches people at Google. Susie also facilitates Search Inside Yourself.

Susie lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband. Together they're working toward achieving Financial Independence through a mixed strategy of taking high risks (e.g. pursuing start-ups, investing in crypto, etc) coupled with investing in low-cost index funds. At the same time, they find joy in maximizing their savings rate by constantly optimizing for what gives them the most joy.

80 : Living as if You've Already Reached Financial Independence with Susie Ade
Jan. 3, 2023

80 : Living as if You've Already Reached Financial Independence with …

On today's episode, Adam Coelho is joined by his good friend Susie Ade. Susie works as a global program manager for driving mental health and wellbeing programs for Google's data centers and is a certified professional coacti...

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