Morgan Bricca

Mural Artist, Meditator, Author, Mother, Wife

Mural art can transform a blank wall, an urban eyesore, into a canvas that celebrates craftsmanship, creativity and our common humanity. A mural can inspire and connect people through a singular experience of place. My passion is to create artwork that is transcendent enough to stop viewers in their tracks with a “wow”.

My clients run the gamut from professional creatives, including architects and designers, to building owners, school administrators and community advocates. Most of my clients would not consider themselves artists, yet they carry a vision of what is possible for a space they care about. I help my clients develop their idea into an uplifting and powerful narrative that becomes an engaging visual gift to their community.

Each piece I create is custom and site-specific. I consider the perspective from which the artwork will be viewed, the lighting, the scale of the space, the colors, mood, and the story we want to tell with the piece. The whole process of brainstorming, creating, and fine-tuning the finished piece is an adventure. And it’s a ton of fun.

I invite you to spend some time on my website, reading about the experiences of past clients, getting to know me through my videos, blog, and podcast. Check out my interactive mural map to see if there is a “Morgan” near you to visit in person. If you think I might be the right fit for your project, I would love to hear from you.

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband David, son, Lucas (18) and daughter, Allie (15). I am obsessed with my kids and painting, in that order, to the dismay of many alternate universe hobbies that are being neglected.

January 06, 2021

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