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Jessi Shuraleff

Founder & host of This Is My Truth

Jessi Shuraleff spent 13.5 years at Google, effectively leading & coaching sales teams using authenticity, value-based selling & storytelling to drive impact & revenue for her customers. She’s worked with brands both big & small across numerous industries including Retail, Technology, Real Estate & B2B, partnering with brands’ executive suite to build sustainable marketing strategies across brand & performance KPIs. She has recently left the corporate world & has taken the leap into solopreneurship as the founder of the podcast & community, This Is My Truth.

Creating, building, and maintaining relationships is at the core of who she is and authenticity, vulnerability and storytelling have been the cornerstone of her skillset to get her to where she is today as a leader, a podcaster & a mom. Her passion is working with corporate leaders, helping them develop their voice and lean into their superpowers of curiosity, empathy & connection. Her personal mission is to create community & connection through sharing personal stories to empower individuals & brands to step into their own light, reclaim their voice & drive greater impact.

Aug. 17, 2021

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