March 21, 2023

91 : Meditation : Create Space To Invest In Yourself

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Today's guided meditation is focused on creating space within your busy life to invest in yourself.

When we slow down, sit down, and turn our attention inward, something powerful happens.

It's like a snow globe being set down on a table; our mind and body settle, and we can start to see more clearly what's going on inside.

I hope you enjoy the meditation.

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[00:00:00] Intro

welcome to the Mindful Fire Podcast, a show about crafting a life you love and making work optional using the tools of mindfulness, envisioning and financial independence. I'm your host, Adam Koyo, and I'm so glad you're here. Each episode of the Mindful Fire Podcast explores these three tools through teachings, guided meditations, and inspiring interviews with people actually living them to craft a life they love.

At its core, mindful Fire is about creating more awareness and choice in. Mindfulness helps you develop self-awareness to know yourself better and what's most important to you by practicing a kind, curious awareness. Envisioning is all about choosing to think big about your life and putting the power of your predicting brain to work to create the life you dream of.

And financial independence brings awareness and choice to your financial. Empowering you to make your vision a reality by getting your money sorted out and ultimately making work optional. And here's the best part, you don't have to wait until you reach financial independence to live out your vision.

Mindful fires about using these tools to craft that life. Now on the path to financial independence and. If you're ready to start your Mindful Fire journey, go to mindful and download my free envisioning guide in just 10 minutes. This guide will help you craft a clear and inspiring vision for your life.

Again, you can download it for slash start. Let's jump into today's guided me.

[00:01:58] Meditation

Adam Coelho: Let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time, sitting with a tall, straight back, resting your hands, wherever. You can gently close your eyes and let's begin with three deep breaths in and out.

Allowing these three breaths to be a transition into this space of refuge,

taking this time, creating this space to. Rest and the simplicity of this moment,

A refuge from all the difficult, scary, and troubling things happening in the world right now, leaving those out the door and allowing your breath to be a guide to this space. This space of refuge, where we can just tune into our minds and our bodies and our hearts

and rest in the simplicity of justice in breath

and justice. Out-breath.

All there is to do in this space is to observe each breath as it is

right here right now.

Breathing in. I'm breathing in,

breathing out. I'm aware that I'm breathing out

each time, your mind wanders off. No problem. Just noticing with a kind curious awareness. What's on your mind

and then choosing to come back to the breath and starting again

over and over again, returning to the peace and ease of this moment. Of just this in breath.

Just this out breath.

And as you rest in this space of mindfulness space of refuge, invite you to connect with your body, staying with the breath, but expanding it to feel the whole body sitting and breathing.

Feeling as you breathe in

and as you breathe out aware of any sensations or emotions that are there to be aware of

and letting whatever you feel, being enough.

If there are any areas that feel tense or tight, allowing them to relax with each exhale. 

Imagining as you breathe in bringing awareness to that area, then as you breathe out, inviting it to relax little by little, bringing more ease and peace into your body.

Aware as you breathe in,

 relaxing, as you breathe out.

Aware as you breathe in

relaxing as you breathe out.

And letting whatever is in whatever happens to be exactly as it is not forcing, just inviting.


And now I invite you to join me in shifting to a love and kindness, compassion practice. Let us send our kindness and our well-wishes. Out into the world, reaching all of those who desperately need some kindness and compassion.

And so if you'd like putting a hand on your heart or on your battling, feeling that love and kindness coming to yourself first.

Repeating silently, may I be happy? And at ease,

may I be healthy and safe?

May I feel loved and supported.

May I be free from pain and suffering?

May I recognize my strength and my resilience.

Yeah. I find refuge within myself.

Allowing, whatever you wish for yourself to arise and feeling yourself, receiving it.

Taking a deep breath in,

And out.

Once more in

and, out

and let us extend these well-wishes to all those affected by gun violence directly or indirectly.

May all those affected by gun violence. Be happy and at ease

may all those affected by gun violence. Be healthy and safe.

May all those affected by gun violence, be free from pain and suffering.

Male. Those affected by gun violence. Recognize their strength and their resilience

may all those affected by gun violence, find safety and refuge within themselves.

May all those affected by gun violence feel loved and supported,

allowing whatever you wish for those affected by gun violence, to arise in your.

Taking a deep breath in.

And, uh,

and let us extend this love and kindness to all beings everywhere. Repeating silently may all beings everywhere. Be happy and at ease.

May all beings everywhere. Be healthy and safe.

May all beings everywhere. Be free from pain and suffering.

May all beings everywhere recognize our strength and their resilience

may all beings everywhere. Find safety and refuge within themselves

may all beings everywhere, feel loved and supported

and align, whatever you wish for all beings to arise.

And let us finish with three deep breaths together, breathing in



Now once more in


when you're ready, opening your eyes, it's coming back. 

Thank you for your practice. Thank you for your compassion.

Thanks for joining me for today's guided meditation. If you enjoyed today's episode, I invite you to hit subscribe wherever you're listening to this. This just lets the platforms know you're getting value from the episodes and you want to be here when I release additional content. If you're ready to start your Mindful Fire journey, go to mindful and download my free envisioning guide in just 10 minutes.

This guide will help you craft a clear and inspiring vision for your life. Again, you can download it for slash start. Thanks again, and I'll catch you next time on the. Fire podcast.