Feb. 7, 2023

85 : Meditation : Taking In The Good with Adam Coelho

Take a moment to appreciate how far you come in your life with this new guided meditation by Adam Coelho. 

So often people race from thing to thing trying mightily to reach their goal...

But once they get there...

They just look immediately past that goal to the next goal

Never stopping

Never fully appreciating:

  • How far they've come
  • All the things they've learned
  • All the things they've overcome

To be who they are

Right here. Right now

This practice invites us to take in the good and appreciate all the wonderful things we have done and achieved in our life. 

Meditation Overview

  • We begin by taking a moment to check in with yourself and to observe the sensations of breathing in your body.
  • I then encourage you to reflect on your life five years ago and all you've achieved since then
  • Then you'll explore something from the last 12 months that you are proud of
  • Finally, I remind you that your brain is predictive and that by paying attention to the good things in your life, you will be able to experience more of them.

I hope you enjoy this guided meditation which was inspired by my podcast conversation  with my friend Nirav Shah on episode 64.

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 Welcome to the mindful fire podcast a show about crafting a life you love and making work optional, using the tools of mindfulness envisioning and financial independence. I'm your host, Adam Coelho and I'm so glad you're here. 

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let's jump into today's guided meditation. 

[00:01:54] Meditation Start

I invite you to begin. By finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time. 

Sitting with a tall, straight back. But not rigid. Resting your hands, wherever it's comfortable. 

And you can gently close your eyes. Or gaze down. 

With a soft unfocused gaze 

[00:02:26] 3 Deep Breaths

And let's begin, with three deep breaths. 

Breathing in. 

And breathing out. 

Just being aware. As you breathe in and as you breathe out, Moment by moment by moment. 

And breath by breath by breath. 

[00:03:06] Check in with yourself

And on your third exhale. 

I invite you to take a moment. To check in with yourself. 

Feeling what it feels like to be in your body. 

Right now in my body. It's like this. Noticing what's there to be noticed. 

Feeling the sensations in the body. 

Pressure or tension. 

Tangling prickling itching. 

The weight of your potty on the cushion or the chair? 

The warmth of your hands on your legs. Or wherever the arresting. 

Just observing. 

Checking in with yourself. 

With curiosity. And kindness. . 

[00:04:24] Shift attention to breath

And I invite you to shift your attention. To the sensations of breathing in the body. 

Getting curious and just noticing where you feel the sensations of breathing most vividly right now. 

Perhaps at the chest or the belly expanding and contracting as you breathe in and out. 

Or perhaps at the nose or the mouth where the air is coming in and going out. 

Or maybe you feel a sense of the whole body sitting and breathing. 

Wherever you notice it most. 

Just directing your attention there. 

And simply observing. With a kind curious awareness. 

Observing as you breathe in this in breath. 

And as you breathe out, This out-breath. 

Each one new. Each one completely unique. Never having happened before. 

Each one, your life happening here and now. 

In the only moment we truly have to live our lives. So choosing to be here now. 

In this moment. 

Right now in this moment. It's like this. 

It's like this. 

No need to even put words to it. Just feel it. In your body. Observant. As it happens. 

Right now it's like this. 

[00:06:55] Taking in the good

Let us now shift gears. 

Into the practice. Of taking in the good. 

Beginning by feeling your body sitting and breathing. 

Breathing in. I'm breathing out. 

Just connecting with how you feel in this moment. 

Coming into this moment a little bit more. With each in breath. 

And each out breath. 

And now

I invite you to bring to mind. 

Who you were five years ago. 

I invite you to visualize and remember. 

And let it be easy.

[00:07:58] See your life as it was 5 years ago & the dreams you had

I invite you to see your life as it was five years ago. 

For me. I was married, but I had no kids. And I was traveling around the world with my awesome wife, Kathy

 I invite you to See the things that you hoped and dreamed would happen. 

What were those things you dreamed about? 

Why were you excited about them?

Just be curious, allow this scene or these memories. To pop up in your mind. 

Slowly at first, but sure enough, they'll come. These memories. 

These wishes for the future from long ago. 

 Whatever happened with those wishes. 

Those things you hoped would happen. 

I bet many of them did happen. 

See how those things that you hoped would happen. Just fell into place. 

Allowing these. To arise in your mind. And just observing them. Taking a moment to bring attention. To all the awesome things that you've achieved. Over the last five years. 

So often we're racing from thing to thing. 

Trying mightily to get to our goal but once we get there. Just looking immediately passed it to the next goal. 

Never stopping. 

Never fully appreciating how far we've come. 

All the things we've learned. 

All the things we've overcome. 

To be who we are. Right here. Right now. 

So taking a moment to appreciate that. 

Now I invite you to bring to mind something from the last 12 months that you're proud of. 

Something in your life that you're proud of. 

Notice what arises. With mindfulness. 

With that kind curious and open awareness. 

Observing these thoughts. As trust that. Thoughts. 

Seeing them clearly. 

As they float by. Like clouds to a clear blue sky. 

They may be very tantalizing. 


Allow them to float on by, without chasing them. 

Are clinging to them. 

And when you noticed that you have been doing those things. Chasing cling. Resisting. 

Just notice that no awareness. Oh, I'm judging. 

And then choosing. 

Let it go. And come back to this moment. 

To what's actually happening here and now. 

Uh, taking a deep breath in. 

And taking a deep breath out. 


[00:13:01] Closing 3 Breaths Together

And then these last few moments of our practice together today. 

Let us take three deep breaths together. Breathing in. 

And breathing out. 

Breathing in. 

Breathing out. 

Once more. In. 

And letting it go. Ah, 

Returning to your normal breathing. 

 And opening your eyes and coming back. Into the room or wherever you're setting. 

Thank you so much for attention. 

I hope you were able to. Rest in the awareness of all the good that you've done. For yourself and others. 

Things that anyone would be proud of. So many things. 

I appreciate them. 

Pay attention to them. And you will get more. Wonderful things. In your life. 

It's science. 

Your brain is predictive. If you give it evidence of good things, it will predict good things. 

And then your experience will be filled with good things. 

Not that they weren't there all the time, but you'll be ready to see them.

[00:14:52] Outro

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Thanks again. And I'll catch you next time on the mindful fire podcast.