Jan. 31, 2023

84 : Taking the Leap From Google to the Startup World with Jeena James

“I'm not leaving Google, I'm actually joining another company and in order to join the other company, I've got to move” - Jeena James

In this episode of The Mindful Fire Podcast, Adam Coelho interviews Jeena James. Jeena shares her incredible journey of growing up in India, working at Google for 13 and a half years, and then transitioning to a startup environment. She talks about the challenges of making the transition and why she felt the need to push beyond her comfort zone. Jeena also offers a unique insight into her current role at Catchpoint and how she is helping to shape the digital experience monitoring and observability platform.

Guest Contact Information

Guest Bio

Up until recently, Jeena James was the head of the WebPageTest business unit at Catchpoint, a digital experience monitoring and observability platform. She has an economics degree from India and started her career at Google, where she worked for 13 and a half years. Jeena is based in the Bay Area and is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Key Takeaways

  • She started her career with Google in India, where she worked for 13.5 years.
  • She experienced working with customers and users of Google products from various angles, from advertisers to publishers to app developers.
  • She realized that in order to get to the next opportunity, she had to leave Google
  • In 2019, Jeena decided to move to a startup environment and joined Catchpoint as the head of the business unit
  • Jeena shares her experience and learnings from working in a few different statups

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