Jan. 10, 2023

81: Meditation: Cultivating & Spreading Kindness

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Today’s guided meditation is all about cultivating and sharing kindness.

We’ll begin by checking in with ourselves and observing our breath.

Then, we'll take some time to gather and multiply kindness within ourselves.

Then we will practicing sending kindness out to others.

Finally, we open to receiving kindness from others.

I hope you enjoy this practice

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Adam Coelho:

Welcome to the mindful fire podcast a show about crafting a life you love and making work optional, using the tools of mindfulness envisioning and financial independence. I'm your host, Adam Coelho and I'm so glad you're here. Each episode of the mindful fire podcast explores these three tools through teachings, guided meditations and inspiring interviews with people actually living them to craft a life they love. At its core, mindful fire is about creating more awareness and choice in your life. Mindfulness helps you develop self-awareness to know yourself better. And what's most important to you by practicing a kind curious awareness. Envisioning is all about choosing to think big about your life and putting the power of your predicting brain to work, to create the life you dream of. And financial independence brings awareness and choice to your financial life. Empowering you to make your vision a reality by getting your money sorted out and ultimately making work optional. And here's the best part. You don't have to wait until you reach financial independence to live out your vision. Mindful FIRE is about using these tools to craft that life now on the path to financial independence and beyond. If you're ready to start your mindful fire journey, go to mindful fire.org/start and download my free envisioning guide. And just 10 minutes, this guide will help you craft a clear and inspiring vision for your life. Again. You can download it for mindfulFIRE.org/start let's jump into today's guided meditation. So let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time, and you can gently close your eyes. And let's just drop into this moment with three deep breaths, allowing everything that's come before and anything that's yet to come to just be left at the door, so to speak. Just dropping into three deep breaths. And as you begin this practice, invite you to just check in with yourself, meeting yourself exactly as you are noticing how you feel. What does it feel like in your body? What does it feel like in your mind? Allowing whatever you find to be just as it is, allowing it all to unfold, moment by moment, by moment. And breath by breath by breath. And now I invite you to find your way to the breath, resting your awareness wherever you feel the breath sensations most. Just observing as you breathe in and observing as you breathe out, resting in the awareness of this breath of justice in breath. Justice. Whenever your mind wanders away, just noticing with a kind, curious awareness. Not making it into a problem, but rather just observing and then gently bringing your attention back to your breath and beginning again. Each in breath is a new beginning. Each out breath is a chance to let go. And now let us shift gears into cultivating kindness within ourselves. Imagining as you breathe in, you're gathering all the kindness. Into your body, multiplying it, and as you breathe out, allowing that to seep into your body every area. So breathing in, gathering it all, and breathing out, allowing it to settle into you. Allowing the kindness to wash over every aspect of your body and your mind and your life. Breathing in, gathering it all up, imagining it multiplying, and. Soothing and touching and affecting every part of your body. As you exhale, perhaps bring a half smile to your face as you do this. noticing how that affects your body and your mind. Breathing in kindness, breathing out, allowing it to wash over and affect your whole being. Now let us expand this kindness to others. So still, as you breathe in, imagining yourself gathering up all the kindness, and as you breathe it in, it multiplies. And when you exhale, imagine it radiating out from your body. Touching everyone everywhere. Perhaps start by thinking about people closest to you physically. And just expand it further and further with each exhale. Imagining this multiplied kindness, reaching everyone in the world see it brightening their day. Proving their mood and rippling out through their actions to everyone they come into contact with. Breathing in kindness, Bringing out kindness. And as we finish this practice today, let us reverse this for a few breaths. Imagining yourself receiving kindness from others imagine that everyone in the world is sending kindness to you just as you sent it to them. Just open to the receiving of kindness. Let us finish with three deep breaths together, breathing in and out again, in and out once more in. And out when you're ready, opening your eyes coming back. Thank you very much for your attention.

Thanks for joining me for today's guided meditation. If you enjoy today's episode, I invite you to hit subscribe wherever you're listening to this, this just lets the platforms know you're getting value from the episodes and you want to be here when I release additional content.

Adam Coelho:

If you're ready to start your mindful fire journey, go to mindful fire.org/start and download my free envisioning guide. And just 10 minutes, this guide will help you craft a clear and inspiring vision for your life. Again. You can download it for mindfulFIRE.org/start Thanks again. And I'll catch you next time on the mindful fire podcast.