July 26, 2022

72 : Meditation : Creating Space To Know Yourself

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Welcome to the Mindful FIRE Podcast, where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond.

Today’s guided meditation is all about creating space within your busy life to invest in yourself.

Something powerful happens when we slow down, sit down and turn our attention inward.

Like a snow globe being set down on a table, we allow our mind and body to settle and we can start to see more clearly what’s going on inside.

I hope you enjoy.

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[00:00:22] Adam Coelho: So let's find a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time,

and you can gently close your eyes

and let's. Drop-in with three deep breaths in and out.

Now as we begin this practice, I first invite you to thank you yourself. For showing up for creating this space in your life to invest in yourself in your wellbeing and your clarity and your sanity with everything going on in our busy lives and in our VOCA war. Was John Kabat-Zinn says, taking your seat as a radical act of sanity and love.

And so thank yourself for showing.

Connecting with your body.

Noticing whatever's there to be noticed any sensations, areas of ease, areas of tension, allowing whatever you find to be, as it is.

Noticing with a kind curious attitude.

When we notice in this way with a kind curious awareness, we create space. We create space to relate differently to whatever's going on in our experience, whether it be pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral, mindfulness allows us to see it clearly

and to loosen its grip on us, allowing for a little bit more space and a little bit more peace.

And so checking in with your body and your mind

right now in my body and my mind it's like this it's like this.

And if there are areas where there's tension or strong emotion,

perhaps just acknowledging it. I see you. It's okay.

And if you'd like inviting it, to relax as you exhale,

not in a resisting sort of way, but in a kind invitation sort of way.

May you be peaceful. May you relax?

And now I invite you to do find your breath in the Bible.

And just rest in the space of this in breath

and this out-breath

right now, there's nothing that you need to do.

No, where you need to be nothing you need to figure out

you've chosen to be here. And so just resting and the simplicity resting in the space, resting in the peace of justice.

And justice out-breath.

Whenever your mind wanders away.

Just notice that thinking has happened. The space of awareness is vast enough to include all aspects of our experience.

And so just bringing that kind awareness to what's on your mind,

and then choosing to come back to the breath and starting again.

And if your mind is drifted off, as mine has no problem noticing what's on your mind.

And allowing some space,

noticing whatever's on your mind with a kind curious, open attitude. And if any judgments are coming up, allowing them to be in this space, this kind of curious space of awareness. Just seeing them clearly, no need to make them good or bad, right or wrong,

just allowing them to be,

and then choosing to come back and to start again with justice in breath.

And justice out-breath each one, completely new, completely unique. Each one, a chance to start again and each one, your life happening here. And now moment by moment. And breath by breath by breath.

 Each time, our mind drifts off, and we notice we have an opportunity to what's the stories playing out in our mind. And when we bring a kind curious awareness to them, We create space to get to know ourselves better

and to simply see what's in our mind without being attached, without letting it drive us unconsciously as our thoughts. So often.

And so each time you notice what's on your mind

trust, observe, and you may see the same stories coming up again and again,

and the more you practice this on the. The more, you'll be able to do this out in the world, noticing stories, arising, seeing them just as they are

and choosing to come back or to let go if they are not useful or not serving.

So in a very real way, while we're practicing here

in this space of awareness, translate into more space in our moments, out in the world, in our interactions with them.

And that's not always easy, but we can continue to practice and we can continue coming back.

And let us finish now with three deep breaths together, breathing in

and, uh,


and once more

and then, and then opening your eyes whenever you're ready. With your eyes open, taking one final mindful breath.

As a reminder that this space is available anytime, and we can practice creating it in any moment. And it just takes a breath. 

Thank you very much for your attention.


[00:16:42] Adam Coelho: Thanks so much for joining me on today's guided meditation. 

This guided meditation was recorded at our weekly community meditation. If you'd like to join us live, you can sign up at mindfulfire.org/meditate. 

I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, I invite you to hit follow wherever you're listening to this so you receive all of the guided meditations. I release.