April 27, 2021

26 : Embracing The Unhustle Mindset with Milena Regos

Welcome to The Mindful FIRE Podcast, where we explore living mindfully on the path to financial independence and beyond.

On this episode of the Mindful Fire Podcast, I’m joined by my new friend Milena Regos, the founder of Unhustle. Milena tells us all about Unhustle, which she founded to help people avoid burnout in their work and fall in love with their job once again.

The topics discussed on this episode are:

The problem of “hustle culture” 
How an internet-free trip helped her realize she didn’t need to work as much to be successful
How you can shift your mindset from the hustle mindset to the unhustle mindset
How most Americans hate their job and how the US compares to happy nations such as Finland
How to start your day with an unhustle morning ritual and SUNRISE steps
How Milena has built a business around the idea of Hustle
Milena’s free e-book

You can check out Milena’s website Unhustle.com where you can download the free e-book which features 7 cases of people who adopted the Unhustle mindset path which led to improved well being and success in work and business.

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