March 9, 2021

19 : Meditation : Meeting Yourself Where You Are Right Now With Self Compassion

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This is a practice that invites you to stop and meet yourself in the only moment you have to live your life, right here, right now. In this moment. 

I hope you like it.


Adam Coelho:

Let's begin by finding a position that allows you to be both alert and relaxed at the same time, close your eyes, or gaze down a few feet in front of you. And let's just drop into this moment with three deep breaths. And as we begin this practice together, I invite you to check in with how you're arriving here in this moment. Tuning into your body, noticing any sensations and tuning into your mind and noticing the state of your mind. If it's busy, if it's calm. If you're feeling tense or relaxed, just meeting yourself where you are right now in this moment. Seeing, if you can bring a open and curious, loving awareness to how you're feeling right now. Regardless of if it's pleasant or unpleasant, just recognizing that right now, it's like this it's like this. And as you breathe with, what is, I invite you to feature the sensations of breathing wherever they're most vivid in your body right now in center stage. Resting in the simplicity. In the awareness of breathing. Making the conscious choice to accept yourself. However you're arriving here right now. However, it is in this moment and to just rest in the simplicity. Of the awareness of the breath. As you breathe in, And as you breathe out. In this moment, there's nothing that you need to do, nowhere that you need to be. So just resting and taking this time for yourself. And to just be Just this in breath and just this out breath. And whenever you notice that your mind has drifted off, been pulled away into thought distraction. No problem. Just simply noticing with a kind curious and open attitude and recognizing what's on your mind in awareness. Noticing also if there are any associated judgments, thoughts of your mind being all over the place or any sort of judgments. And just recognize that those are thoughts as well, accept them as they are. And then just choose to come back to the breath and begin again. Each in breath is a new beginning. Each out-breath is a chance to let go. And again, if you find that your mind is wandered away, just including whatever's on your mind, in that same kind, open, loving, and curious awareness, and then just gently choosing to come back and to begin a new at the breath. Over and over again, or returning to the breath. Accepting all aspects of your experience as they are with kindness, openness, and curiosity. Let us now shift gears into a simple practice of self-compassion. If you'd like putting a hand on your heart and another on your belly, if that's comfortable and imagining yourself in your mind's eye, repeat these phrases of well-wishes silently in your mind, may I be happy and peaceful? May I be healthy and safe. May I be free from pain, illness and suffering? May I may, I recognize my strength and my resilience. yeah. I feel loved and supported. In may I live my life with ease, taking a deep breath in one more, really letting it go. Let's take one more lap through those well-wishes repeating again, silently to yourself. May I be happy and peaceful? May I be healthy and safe? May I be free from pain illness and suffering. May I recognize my strength and my resilience. May I feel loved and supported. And may I live my life with ease? Taking a deep breath in and, uh, once more, let us now extend these wishes to all people everywhere in the world. Imagining as you repeat these phrases silently in your mind that they're radiating out from you and touching all people in the world, may all people be happy and E may, all people be healthy and safe. May all people be free from pain, illness and suffering. May all people recognize their strength and their resilience. May all people feel loved and set the order in may. All people live their life with ease. Taking a deep breath in and letting it go once more returning now to the breath. And again, checking in with yourself as you sit and breathe. Moment by moment by moment and breath by breath, by breath, noticing how you feel now, noticing if anything has shifted, but most importantly, noticing and accepting how things are right now, because right now, And as we complete this practice together. I invite you to bring, to mind an intention, an intention for how you'd like to show up for yourself and others as you approach the rest of your day, just seeing what arises in your mind. Let us finish this practice with three deep breaths together. Breathing in. Once more, really letting it go. Yeah. In a moment I'll ring the bell and I invite you to slowly open your eyes. And take one final mindful breath as a reminder that this is available to you anywhere, anytime. And it just takes a moment of focusing intentionally on the breath. Thank you so much for your attention. I'd love to hear any comments or thoughts about the practice.

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Adam Coelho

Host of The Mindful FIRE Podcast

Adam Coelho is the founder and host of The Mindfulness FIRE Podcast. He's also a father and husband and has been at Google for the last 10 years. He has been facilitating mindfulness and emotional intelligence courses at Google including the popular Search Inside Yourself ( course. Adam is a commitment to creating opportunity through connection. He does this by connecting with others and by bringing people together. I'm excited to have you join me in this exploration by joining my email list. No spam I promise.