Thank you for agreeing to  join me on The Mindful FIRE Podcast.

I’ve included some details of what to expect below.

About the show: 

The Mindful FIRE Podcast explores mindfulness and financial independence and the intersection between them. I interview people who are living intentionally and doing interesting things as they navigate life, work and finances. The show is meant for people open to learning about mindfulness and / or  the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement.

What to expect:

The interview generally takes ~90 minutes but can be adjusted if you need. We will capture video and audio. The video will be released on YouTube and audio on all of the podcast platforms. 

Discussion Topics

Please let me know by email which of the topics you’re passionate about would you like to discuss during our conversation.

Which would be of most value to my audience (based on the above)?


If you need to reschedule please use the link in your confirmation email from Calendly or click here.

Thanks again for agreeing to join me on the show. I’m grateful and looking forward to it. 

May you be healthy and safe,